Something in me resists ‘Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil .’

That is, something in me baulks at collapsing the meaning of this petition to a plea for a superman kind of rescue from the human condition. Surely, surely,  something more incarnate and more raising than that?

So I sought out the glittering dark eyes of Myriam of Magdala in the dark cavern of my own heart. I sought her out as a universal world soul and wise-woman presence crossing thresholds of time and space . I felt my way into squatting there in her thin boned body below overhanging rock and asked for her higher insight. So there was a falling, as it were, through the black pupils of her shining eyes penetrating like pin pricks  the veils of my ordinary mind.   I felt a sudden spaciousness of potentials .   And because of that I now say to myself that  in staying in the Lords prayer this far I am asking daily to be part of another leap in human consciousness. A leap for which I was christened from the beginning.  .

In this space Myriam asked me three questions:

Do you realise that in this very trial you experience now you will find your destined life task for which you have been prepared since your birth ?

Will you rise to this moments need for an uncommon word or deed and way of being that interrupts endless cycles of harm begetting harm ?

Will you freely choose to do the work to keep your vision steady and consciousness clear to discern evil and good ?

And then she breathed in me her familiar blessing:

May you feel the weight of this egg of destiny held safe in the palm of your hand

even when forces from within and without pull you round and about?

May you trust your heart knowing to act radically

even if that act is as uncommon as a white squirrel in Africa.

May you feel in your bones when light is an impostor

and dark is simply the veil draped over immense good.

May you ascend my darling one. May you evolve and ascend.

May it be so.