Vivien offers spiritual companionship for both individuals and groups.

Spiritual companionship can be seen as friendship where the purpose is spiritual transformation.  It is a loving relationship where there is freedom, humility and compassion.  

‘As a spiritual companion I undertake to come alongside and keep you company on your own path. In practice that means  heart-to-heart conversations where we both listen inwardly and deeply.  In my years of training in the method of Focusing I have learned to bring fine-tuned awareness and empathy into this inner listening.’  

When Focusing skills are applied in spiritual companionship we learn to ‘read’  our unique experience,  tune into our intuitive wisdom and follow the unfolding process of change.   

We can bring this quality of attention into spiritual practices such as meditating with sacred writings, creating a healing rite of passage, or making significant choices.

‘Bring love to everything, draw love from everything.’
— Francisco de Osuna