A Daily Hallowing

I come to the next part of the Lords prayer with a sobering reality.  The working of my ego mind is so naturally wired to create a separate, self-orientated life that despite my best intentionsI forget my connection to source a thousand times a day.  So its from this need to remember , with a large dollop of humility,  that our process moves me on to applying the spiritual remedy for my amnesia. The remedy of invoking the divine name.  

I have come to think of this moment as a daily ‘hallowing’  - a daily act of invoking the sacred name.  In the present moment.  And with as wholehearted intention and clarity of mind as I am able.  I understand this hallowing activity as a traditional remedy of the heart where we apply the spiritual homeopath of the divine name .  In this way,  declaring ‘Hallowed be thy Name’ is not merely a description,  but a healing prescription that allows the whole soul-body to resonate. 

 We can begin by using the voice, then move on from speech to sounding the Name silently in the heart.  And then move on from silently sounding to simply breathing in the divine name – inhaling and exhaling in a field of quivering resonance.  Its a process of spiritual remembering. 

The ancient Judaic-Christian wisdom is that when we remember the Name with reverence we expose ourselves to divine presence.  We do this so the spark of divinity and divine imprint we all uniquely bear within our souls can ignite and come to life.  And then, it is through the gradual increase of light that we remember our true self and discover our spiritual calling .   

Miriam still prays

In the Name of the Father.

May His presence thicken

and your life quicken,

may your soul magnify

that colour of light

that imprint of love

that you alone can show

given your unique wound

given your essence of self

given the happening of your life.

Call on the Name

that includes all names

that is calling you

to this showing of light

in your life, as it is has been given.