Beginning in Blessing

I will begin without explanation or definition, or even a story about Miriam of Magdala to show her meaning for our world today. I will simply offer a blessing that in my imagination is for all of us who one way or another want to give of our deepest selves to another in what we may call ‘spiritual companionship’.

But pause a moment before receiving it – the implications are huge. A blessing from Miriam cannot be taken lightly!

‘Allow your Master to wash your feet.

Let him touch your forehead –then wake up! 

Let him touch your ears -then listen!

Let him touch your throat -then be quiet!

But most of all, Beloved Ones

let him kiss you that kiss on the mouth

to exchange breath - just breath!

for peace passing understanding

for strength to stay in suffering

till hope shafts through dark like light.

Stay then – stay always, Beloved Ones

breathing in this body of hope

breathing air with me.’