A Magdala Immersion Retreat is a shared experience of coming to stillness, reading slowly, listening deeply, and responding creatively with sacred texts.

Magdala immersion days and retreats explore the symbols, soul maps and spiritual growth described in mystical writings by trustworthy spiritual guides.  They are offered as a resource for spiritual  friends in any life context and tradition.

Current Retreats on offer

‘Divine Eros’ - diving deep into the poetry of John of the Cross.

‘A Curriculum of the Heart’ - the practical wisdom of Francisco de Osuna.

Or you may consider ... 

'Angel Room Rest’ - a  guided listening and healing process over two days and a restful stay in The Angel Room.

New Retreats being Developed

‘The Little Way Icons’ - gazing with the eye of the Heart with Temenos icons.

A Holy Week with Mary Magdalene’ -  beloved companion, spiritual teacher , world soul.

‘Living Prayer Process’ - exploring the hidden dynamic of the ‘Lord’s Prayer’

Contact me for more details.