"Thank you for the way in which our journey together, our words and our companionship has, and continues to, and in its continuation will always be changing my vinegar into wine" 

I live in the small Karoo village of McGregor in the Western Cape and participate in the life of Temenos Retreat Centre as a spiritual companion for those who ask for it.   

The Green Room in my home is a symbolic womb-space for Magdala work, and it is there that the carving of an African Mary Magdalen presides.   

I offer spiritual companionship out of gratitude...

For spiritual friends and adventurous souls across the globe who accompany me

For innumerable soul encounters as a hospital chaplain in Cape Town and then as a spiritual director in the U.K.  

For the spiritual teachers of Contemplative Outreach who first helped me see Christian wisdom with fresh eyes and an open heart 

For years of immersion in the mystical writings of great spiritual masters with the London based ‘School of the Heart’

For the genius of Eugene Gendlin and the remarkable processes of Focusing that exercise such spiritual intelligence

For the academic rigour of Unisa and Sarum College, Salisbury in religious studies

For all these and more, I give thanks.

- Vivien